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Life Coaching assists clients to create permanent shifts for a higher level of living. Coaching is designed to foster optimal well-being for any/all dimensions of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Coaching assists clients to consciously choose how to respond to life, achieved goals, create visions, open new ways of thinking and/or get out of your head, find clarity, improve and care for oneself, develop self awareness, strengthen intuition and/or help manage life demands and stressors. 


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Life Coaching Page. Click Here

Health & Wellness Coaching Click Here

Behavioral Coaching/Lifestyle Medicine Click Here

Dreambuilder Coaching Program Click Here

Personal Life Coaching 

1 hour session (In person or Virtual) ...  $175

Sliding Scale Available Please Call for Details

Personal Coaching Package Available. Please contact us for more information.

Personal Virtual/Phone Coaching 

3- 30 minute Virtual Coaching Sessions ...$199

Behavioral Coaching/LifeStyle Medicine Program 

6 week program- Weekly 45min. telephonic/Virtual behavioral health coaching.  You will be assigned to a accredited behavioral health coach and will meet weekly to  support you in feeling better. 


Choice of Program: Depression, Stress Management, Breathing, Life Transitioning, Diabetes, Heart Healthy, Panic & Anxiety, Tobacco Cessation, Stress Management, New Parent, Cancer...$498


Health and Wellness Package

  • 1 - 60 minute Initial Coach Session, Includes Assessment and Wellness Vision.

  • 3 - 30-45 minute Weekly/Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Includes: Assessment of current health, lifestyle and behavioral patterns.

  • Optional Blood Pressure, BMI, Body Fat, Hydration levels and stress level readings.

  • Includes health coaching and health habit planning........$289

DreamBuilder Program - Deluxe

Dream Builder 12 Week Program & 6 Coaching Sessions

Installment Plan (4 installments of $193.75 available upon request).....$775

DreamBuilder Program -Enhanced

Dream Builder 12 Week Program & 4 Coaching Session...$550

DreamBuilder - Basic

Dreambuilder 12 Week Coaching Program...$225

Reiki 1 Hour Healing Session 
In Person or Distant Healing.....$75  

Reiki 30 min. Healing Session.
In person or Distant Healing Session...$45 

Intuitive Reiki Session - 1 Hour.
In person or Distant Healing Session..$85 

Intuitive Reiki Session - 30 min.
n Person or Distant Healing...$55

Reiki Unburdening Session 1- Hour...$100

Reiki Unburdening Aura Clearing 

Session is a design to target issues and concerns by blending a special reiki coaching technique and coaching. In a meditative state you will be guided to go inward, identify your blocks and listen to your inner wisdom. The session will conclude with the administering of reiki. This a healing and relaxing experience that allows you take charge of your inner power and use it to heal.

If you have a physical or psychological problems please check with your licensed health care provider.

Red Light Therapy 30min...$45

Delivers energy to cells by applying a range of visible and invisible wavelengths of light. It's been known to benefit a wide range of conditions. Light therapy is a way to relieve "the winter blues" and certain other conditions by exposure to artificial light. SAD is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time each year, usually fall and winter. Studies suggest that Light therapy has been linked to affect brain chemicals that are associated with mood and sleep, easing "winter blues" symptoms.

All classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on experience and fun. All classes are taught by Shawn Marie Cichowski, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher certified by the International Center for Reiki Training. Shawn Marie has studied under some of the most prominent teachers including William Rand and Licensed Senior Teachers of the ICRT. She follows the code of ethics and professional standards of practice set by the International Center for Reiki.

Level I: Includes history of reiki, energy and chakras, hand placements, and scanning. Ideal for self treatment.

Level II: Includes reiki symbols, starting your own practice, and distant healing.

All levels include course manual, certificate, and attunements/placements. Please bring a bag lunch. Prerequisite for level II: any Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I course.

Reiki I.....$175
Reiki II....$175
Reiki Art/Master....$950
Reiki Karuna Master...$1050

A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to register for training. 


Mindfulness Training

8 Online Engagement tools,  workbook and certificate .$125 PAY NOW

Mindfulness Trainer Certification 
Online Self Paced Program with Coach text Engagement

10 Sessions, Workbook, worksheets, exercise and certification...$499 

Eco-Therapy (Nature Therapy)

Eco-Therapy Walk/Hike 

Take a mindful 60-90 min walk with a professional coach/healer. Intuitively we will assist you in connecting and grounding back to self through the support of nature.....$195

Eco-Therapy Half  Day Renewal

Take a mindful 60-90 min walk with a professional coach/healer. Intuitively we will assist you in connecting and grounding back to self through the support of nature...$300

Eco-Therapy Half  Full Renewal...$395

A personal day retreat. Spend the day in nature, enjoy a gourmet outdoor picnic, desserts and tea. Excursion Locations: Letchworth, Ellicottville...$395

Blended Virtual Certification Training

Class Includes:  2 hr Self-paced pre-work; and 6 hr Virtual Live Training..$125

Please fill out form to schedule your session and or request more information.  Please include your email, phone number and include any date/time requests. 

We will reply within 24 hours. 

Feel Free to call/text 716-560-6552


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