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This ancient modality of energy healing unleashes the body's natural ability to heal itself. It is considered an active form of meditation that promotes restoration of the mind, body and spirit. A safe technique that has been widely accepted by medical practitioners for assistance in comforting the sick, cancer treatment, child birthing, promoting well being and relaxation. Excellent for pain management, relieving sleep issues and anxiety. Improves athletic performance, injury recovery, stress reduction and mental clarity. We offer relaxation sessions, unburdening reiki sessions, intuitive feedback reiki sessions and reiki certification training classes.

Life Coaching

Professional Coaching to assist clients: to consciously choose how to respond to life, achieve goals, up level and improve life, thrive professionally & personally, find clarity, improve and care for self, manage demands and stressors and/or create forward momentum. (Personal Sessions, Group coaching, Coaching Training and Virtual Coaching available)

Wellness Coaching

Professional Coaching for lifestyle awareness, improvement of life-style related diseases, behavioral modifications, well-being education. (Personal & Corporate programming available).

Energy Psychology

A collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving functioning. EP coaching addresses the relaationship of energy to emotions, cognition, behavior and health. It is applicable to a wideEnergy Psychology range of areas including education, pain management, sports, peak performance, and vocational guidance.


Coaching techniques to quiet outside stress and mental "noise". Mindfulness techniques assist clients to become fully engaged in the present and respond consciously. Excellent practice for relaxation, addiction recovery, mental clarity, mood improvement, anger management, peek performance, and strengthening intuition.

Dream Building

The Dream Builder is a 90 day coaching program designed to help individuals get clear on exactly what their dream is. The program helps you to define what you want in life and dissolve fear, doubt and worry to achieve it. It’s a program that will help you pursue your dream apart from giving you all the joy and confidence you have always wanted. It is a process to transform your life and jump start the results you have long for all this time. In a nutshell, it gives you the chance to live the life you want and also make the difference in the world.


Experiencial coaching that integrates the healing power of Nature to enhance your psychological, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Personal development through adventure. Offering various nature therapies at our East Aurora location and off-site excursions.

Red Light Therapy

Energy Healing that delivers energy to cells by applying FDA approved red light.

"Coaching Conversation" Podcast

Training Classes

Reiki & Coaching Training Classes.

Uusi/Holy Fire III- All levels. Partnership location and Certification program with SUNY ECC.

Classes & Event

Offering Community Education Classes and Program Development.


Healing Arts Supplies and Life Force Energy Enhancers.

Resource Center

Visit our Reference and Mind-Body Resource Collection.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Certification & Training for Mental Health First Aid

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