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Diabetes Coach

Shawn Marię Cichowski is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. NBC-HWC. Shawn Marie has been coaching individuals for over 10 years. Shawn's style of coaching is personable, authentic and calming. Shawn has worked with thousands of clients and customizes coaching sessions based on each client's needs, concerns and interest levels.  Shawn's coaching is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching/positive psychology and mindfulness. Shawn provides evidence-based tools and uses various coaching methodologies to support clients to a path of well-being and improved quality of life.

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Diabetes Health Coaching

A diabetes diagnosis is life changing and can be overwhelming. Having a dedicated Health Coach who remains in regular contact and work alongside you, coaching you to achieve weekly, incremental goals can help you feel empowered. 

Working with a coach allows you to share your feelings and have a trusted partner to support you as you navigate and adjust to the changes a diabetes diagnosis may bring.  A health coach can partner with you to explore and adopt new healthy habits and understand how your current lifestyle may be impacting your health. 

Diabetes can be managed.  I like to say that is doing so, you can learn a lot about yourself and you can improve how you feel. Diet, Nutrition, and managing stress are powerful tools you have. They not only can help you control your blood glucose, they can also help to improve your energy levels and heal your body.



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