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Customer Testimonials

"Great Session this morning Shawn! I just love your groups! It was a great way to start my day and an even better was to start the week. I always leave feeling optimistic and inspired! I love that you provide an open, safe space where I feel comforatable to be myself. You're an excellent facilitator who easily goes with the flow of whatever comes up in conversation whie still mainatining direction and purpose. Your gift is your ability to stay present and offer new perpsctives on old ways of thinking. I appreciate you more than you know. I'm blessed to know you. Thank you for being you and for offering this service!"

-Becky W.

" I have been seeing Shawn from WNY Life Coaching for a couple of years now. I always enjoy my time with her. She is so genuine and caring. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Shawn. I see her privately for Reiki and have also taken some of her group classes. Both have been highly rewarding. She has brought so much positivity

to my life. I have been dealing with a chronic health issue that has been very difficult. Shawn has given me so much support. She has taught me how mind, body and spirit are connected. I have a much more positive attitude since working with Shawn. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to Shawn. I highly recommend Shawn "


"Shawn is a amazing! Not only is she very knowledgeable but has the true ability to heal and bring balance to your mind and body. After you have a Reiki session, you will feel centered and definitely less stressed. Actually this feeling stays with you and you will sleep so much better. I noticed chronic muscular aches were relieved and never returned. Even after I played tennis, the discomfort never came back! Shawn is defintely a gifted healer with insight and wisdom. You will develop a trust immediately and a philosophy that is so rewarding with a connection of the mind, body and spirit. I am so looking forward to seeing Shawn again!"


Reiki Client

"Unexpected and interesting. Enjoyed sharing in a group which was a surprise. Shawn is a good coach."


Open Life Coaching Hour

"Professional, friendly, knowledgable, and very relaxing. I will go there again."

Reiki Session 


"Very informative, and beneficial. Highly recommend someone to check it out who needs guidance."

Intuitive Reiki Session


" I have known Shawn for about one year now and I can honestly say that her guidance and coaching has left a lasting impression on my life in the best possible way. I first reached out to Shawn for some holistic support and insight and while I felt I was on a good path I also believed there was room for improvements.  Shawn’s approach to wellness coaching has made it easy for me to open up, her thoughtful questions and recommendations have helped me to better understand myself and my goals. Throughout the course of the last year I have made great strides in all aspects of life, I accepted my dream job in Nutrition at Wegmans and I have opened myself up to valuable life experiences that I would have been closed off to in the past. I am certain none of this would have been possible without Shawn.

During our conversations I couldn’t help but feel her genuineness and her thoughtful suggestions and reflections made it clear she was truly listening and understanding what I was saying and where I was coming from. I have recommended Shawn’s expertise to numerous family and friends, her services are invaluable. She has a true gift for helping people and anyone who is lucky enough to know her is better for it."


"Shawn Stec Cichowski Says it all. She has taught me so much and love her support and being my life coach. She is the best if your looking for a life coach in the Buffalo area. Thanks Shawn for helping me and not just being a life coach but a true friend...."

- Kim McCabe, Position,Realty USA 

"I am pleased to say, since our session, I have come to even more clarity. It's like it boosted my soul guidance & I'm physically here to put in the work. It's such an amazing & indescribable experience. I have come across an abundance of knowledge & wisdom that has granted me inner & outer peace. I just feel more guided by love than by fear & ego. Shawn, I can't thank you enough! You granted me a gift; the gift to really believing in my dreams & goals to become real. Seeing you do what you do, offering love, peace & harmony to others ignites my own passions. Thank you!! I will be keeping in touch for further sessions!

- Jessica 

" Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for everything you do. Thank you for teaching me the art and science of meditation and introducing me to the wonderful world of Reiki.

Thank you for your guided meditations, which have always transported me into such a blissful state of mind. Thank you for helping me to understand and feel Spirituality with out religion. Through you I have felt the power of Reiki, the most profound magical experience I have ever encountered. An emotional euphoria, stimulating my senses and heightening my awareness, a feeling of soothing comfort in which my whole existence becomes a sea of vibrating energy. I know Reiki is not a religion, but it helps me to feel and understand the phrase "being closer to God". Shawn you are a beautiful, warm and kind hearted human being. I want to thank you so very much for helping me bring Love, peace, health, happiness and the healing light of Reiki into my life. "


"Just need to say thank you for our time together yesterday... I left feeling really positive. My husband and I had some great conversations last night. I'm seeing glimmers of excitement in him about us and our future. I love it :) thanks again, and happy new year!


"Shawn, your ability to stop the chaos in someone's head is a true gift. I'm sure I'm not alone in the feeling that life takes hold and people end up relying on survival mode. You have an amazing ability to stop and focus me. To immediately be able to define steps for me to take to get myself back. And above all your belief, love and support for me was something I hadn't even realized I needed. After my session with you I was able to look at my life with a clarity that I haven't had since becoming a mom. You helped me believe that I am still important and still have more to give. That has done more for my life, my marriage, my kids and my business. Thank you and I can't wait for my next session!

-Aubri, Aubri Designs

"The enthusiasm and energy was indescribable. They were truly sincere and gave you a sense of a new outlook of life when leaving"

-Reiki Client from Groupon

"I was very impressed by my reiki session. Because it was my first time having one done I did not really know what to expect but I left my appointment very relaxed and pleased. Shawn made me feel very comfortable by being super accommodating. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment."

-Jessica H

"Shawn offers lovely, intuitive Reiki meditative energy services. The atmosphere is professional and accommodating. Highly recommend."

-Jo L.

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