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Coaching Services:

  • Personal Coaching Sessions  
  • Tele-Therapy/ Tele-Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching Programs/Services-Speaking & Educational Presentations
  • Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Services
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/ Energy Psychology Coaching Programs
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Emotional IQ Training 
  • Dream Building On-Line Coaching Program
  • Professional Coaching Retainer Services
  •  Well-Being Educators
  • Coaching Podcasts/Webinars
  • Educational Classes
  • Collaborative Coaching Association/Membership
  • Workforce Coaching
  • Health Awareness & Lifestyle Behavioral Coaching

Our coaches are the best in class! They are extensively trained to deliver professional coaching  based on ICF and mindfulness methodologies and approaches.  We offer years of experience delivering effective coaching to individuals, groups and organizations/corporations. 

COACHING WORLD WIDE Connect with us via FaceTime, Skype, Duo and/or your preferred Virtual Platform


Life Coaches are trained to coach and mentor you on LIFE! We will help you to create the transformations you are seeking by taking a future-orientated approach in designing your life. As with coaching or working with a personal trainer- Your Life Coach is trained to pull out the potential within you. Imagine working with your very own coach to achieve your life plans, professional goals or having someone walk through life situations together.  Coaches are experts in developing their client's strengths, talents, potential and finding possibilities. We help you to consciously respond to your life. We believe only you know what is best for yourself and we help you claim your power to find happiness and balance. Our personal and collective coaching programs are designed around what will give you optimal growth and what will be the best in getting the most from your life.  Whether it is finding your inner voice, ramping up your career, reducing stress, moving through loss, helping to build self-esteem, or getting clarity we can adjust to exactly where you are in life.  There is nothing you cannot shift. You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.  

Coaching clients seek to create permanent shifts for a higher level of living in various areas. Including but not limited to:

Personal Goals 

  • Relationships (Fulfillment, Divorce, Regaining Identity & Finding Fun)
  • Time Management
  • After College Direction
  • Teen Issues
  • Motivation 
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Reduction
  • Simplication
  • Health, Weight Loss (Self Care)
  • Life Transitioning 
  • Retirement, or New Parent Roles, loss of a loved one

Professional Goals 
  • Leadership
  • Getting a Promotion
  • Work Fulfillment
  • Starting a Business
  • Discovering Career Path
  • Family Business 
  • Clarity
  • Renewed Purpose

Integrative Coaching


Coaching deals mostly with a person's present and seeks to guide other's into a more desirable future. Co-creative, equal partnership in helping clients discover their own answers. Coaches see emotions as natural and normalizes them. Coaches will stand by you, help identify challenges, design your dreams and work together to manifest the desires one is seeking. In Counseling the assumption is that there is something wrong that gets in the way of a person's functioning that needs fixing. Coaches help clients reach goals through a discovery process to deepen learning. By drawing a client's wisdom out, we help them recognize it, and yield forward momentum via accountability.


Coaching is good for anyone who is motivated to better oneself or needs help in creating forward momentum in their life.  Together we can customize an ideal program scenario that will benefit your current lifestyle and will support your efforts to improve. Understanding the demands of life, coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, email messaging, Skype or if you live in the Western New York Area in person. Coaching fees may vary per Coach. Please call for details.

Coaching Services & Rates 


We offer personal one on one coaching sessions and coaching programs. Session can be in person, virtual conferencing and/or telephonic.

Coaching Programs

Coaching Tips:

To gain Membership Access please contact 716-560-6552

NEW.. Foundational Coaching Competencies Class

Interested in Becoming a Coach? 

This is an introductory course that offers core coaching competencies and values. You will can an understanding of the coaching process and use this methodology to build meaningful and powerful coaching engagements.  Elicit forward thinking and build client confidence in the coaching process. This course is ideal for learning and performance professionals who want to develop successful coaching skills for use with individuals, teams, or workforce. 

Session I -Three Class Series  Mondays - Feb. 3rd, 10th and 24th @ 5:30pm-7:30pm 

Location: ECC North Room B 413

Session II- Three Class Series March 3rd, 10th, and 17th @ 5:30pm- 7:30pm 

Location: ECC South Campus Room 4101

Fee: $199 Please call 716-560-6552 to Register 


Life & Energy Coaching by SHAWN MARIE CICHOWSKI


Integrative Health and Life Coach, Mindfulness & Energy Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Meditation Instructor, Corporate Health & Wellness Coach, Well-Being Educator

Owner of WNY Life Coaching Center

 Shawn Marie Cichowski created the WNY Life Coaching Center from her deep appreciation for humanity, relationships and the desire to make a difference.   Drawing from her business upbringing, life experiences and intuition Shawn is committed to serving others fairly and with the upmost integrity. Her coaching style is personable, authentic and natural.  Shawn uses a "toolbox" of techniques to help relate to others and assist in opening possibilities in one's life.  She will help you navigate through life demands and stressors, gain clarity and create a peaceful and balanced life.  Personal development, Energy Psychology and mindfully dealing with stress and adversity is her passion. She applies a mindfulness-base approach to her coaching.  Click Here to Learn more about Shawn Marie


"Our life which has a beginning and end can be compared to river.  A river  flows naturally in one direction such as our life.  Many times we go through life trying to swim upstream or we may get snagged between some rocks. For some there may be an avoidance of the water all together.   Perhaps you feel like you want to white water raft rather than just float.  These are all life expressions from within. As you step into your true and authentic self and claim your personal power you will discover your  life will flow with natural ease and at a currency that is just right for you. 

Regardless of where you are in life or what circumstances you may be experiencing we will discover ways to enhance, heal, empower and create the life you would love. "- Shawn Marie Cichowski 


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Dream Builder Coaching Program


Coached by Shawn Marie Cichowski 

This structured 12 week coaching program is designed to bring about the changes you are seeking from within.  Week by week this program will coach you through the process of designing and creating a life beyond your current living and one you would love to live. Please follow the link to learn more: DREAM BUILDER click here


We are all unique and authentic. WNY Life Coaching Center understands that we all relate in our own special way. In addition to offering traditional and non traditional coaching techniques we have created a collaborative coaching network that allows you to connect with various coaches. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF OUR COACHING ASSOCIATION , Please contact us at 716-560-6552 for more details.

August Schilz, creative artist


Transforming Your Dream Into Reality

As a certified Dream Builder Coach, August Schilz will help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your soul's purpose.  August's multi-faceted experience allows him to help people create and live the life they would LOVE to live! Click here to learn more about August.

Jennifer Gawronski, Personal Trainer


As a plant based wellness coach, Jennifer will teach you the basics of how to stop poisoning your body, how to properly cleanse and detoxify it.  Click here to learn more about Jennifer.

Munni Visco, Relationship Coach


Munni specializes in working with clients who are considering divorce or are in the process of divorce. Her knowledge and coaching expertise will guide clients on a path of self-discovery where they will learn that they are in control of their own happiness.  Click here to learn more about Munni.

Associate Coach, Linds Bucher

LINDA BUCHER: Master Certified Life Coach & Coach Mentor
Linda Bucher is a master certified life coach, mentor, way finder  author, professional speaker, gratitude advocate, and all around creative soul who helps people get from uncertain to clear, from victim to hero, and from spectator to creator of their lives. Click here to learn more about Linda.

Peggy Dweyer

PEGGY SUE DYER Transformational Coach

For over 17 years Peggy  Sue Dyer has worked with individuals and organizations, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives and businesses. Click here to learn more about Peggy Sue.

Ken Parker- Native American Plant & Horticultural Coach

 KEN PARKER: Native AMERICAN Plant & Horticultural Coach, Musician  

 KEN PARKER , CNLP is a passionate indigenous horticulturalist with strong ties to Mother Earth and Native cultures. Ken has spent decades of his life devoted to growing, installing, teaching and promoting indigenous plants of North America to thousands of Natives and non-Natives. Click here To learn more about Ken. 

Rates may vary for associate coaching. Please call for details.