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Reiki & Pain Management

Providing care means promoting not only cures but also comfort. While modern medicine has come a long way in providing pain relief in the past 100 years, it's not always successful in helping patients. That's where modalities such as mindfulness, meditation and Reiki can help mitigate patients' pain.

Numerous notable organizations and periodicals have acknowledged the benefits of these modalities for helping reduce patients' pain levels, including Arthritis Foundation, Journal of Pain, and National Institute of Health and numerous other mainstream health organizations.

While care providers can readily treat many symptoms, relieving the cause of pain sometimes remains out of their reach. That's where alternative modalities can help. Pain represents a complex symptom for many patients.

Mindfulness, meditation and Reiki treat the entire patient, offering care providers a powerful tool to leverage against pain. Patient face numerous stressors that can exacerbate pain caused by physical maladies, as well as manifest emotional pain as physical pain. It doesn't matter the cause of the pain when using alternative modalities. They help reduce stress hormones, promote calm and draw the patient's attention away from their pain.

Alternative modalities provide a space for patients to experience reduced pain and relaxation. In this space, they feel better able to begin a journey towards better pain management. They can realize their body's ability to achieve better health. Instead of feeling defined by their pain, patients experience better quality of life, including participating in the physical therapy and exercise that may help them recover.

Shawn Marie Cichowski can provide a blend of modalities that best suit each clients/patient's needs. By employing evidence-based methods, I can equip clients/patients with pain relief strategies to help them better control pain.

Alternative pain relief modalities may:

  • reduce use of pain killers

  • improve concussion recovery and migraines

  • support natural childbirth

  • reduce instances and severity of postpartum depression

  • mitigate pain from chronic health conditions

  • reduce anxiety/depression

  • support better health during cancer treatment

Please contact us for more information on how I can help you bring more comfort to your life.


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