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Enjoy 30 minutes session of Red Light Energy.  We offer standard red light sessions and red light with reiki sessions. Both experiences offer deep relaxation and healing.
  Optional Aromatherapy & Guided Meditation included.
Gift Certifactes available
60 minute Session available.

Red Light has been know to benefit:
Pain Relief
Cognitiver Enhancement
Fat Reduction
Smoking Cessation
Wound Healing
Seasonal Affgective DIsorder
Lyme Disease
Anxiety & Depression
Building Muscle 
Healing Acne
Increasing Bone Density
Improvement of Physical Function
Fosters Well-Being
Reversing Hair Loss
Muscle and Bone Pain
Improves Blood Circulation

If Booking; Please include preferred dates and times. If purchasing a gift certificate, please provide the address or email to send certificate.

30 min Red Light Session

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