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Life Coach and Relationship Coach

Relationship Coaching

"Developing a relationship with oneself is the foundation to the quality of all other relationships. By quieting outside stress and circumstances you discover what is best for yourself and allow for your authentic expression to surface. I coach clients to become the expert of their own life".

Relationship coaching is the process of coaching to personal and business relationships. Coaching is a strength-based approach that supports clients to achieve their personal and relationship goals.  Relationship coaching is a client-focused approach that helps clients  develop healthy relationships and identify tendencies, patterns and notice relationship dynamics.  Over the years of coaching, I have developed a toolbox of tools, tips and techniques to help you better manage your relationships and your emotions. 

Setting boundaries

Power & Control 



Managing Difficult Personalities






Care Taking

Workplace relationships

Self Awareness

Emotion Regulation

Unhealthy relationship/Domestic violence support

Sexual Intimacy 


Family Dynamic

Attachment Styles

Family Businesses

Love Languages

Is it the Be-All, and End-All to make a relationship thrive. Listen to Shawn Marie Cichowski and Munni Visco Discuss love languages.

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