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Sports Reiki & Energy Training 

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Help a Body Heal Itself

FASTER RECOVERY means faster gains and improved performance. 

The ancient modality of Reiki can unleash the body's natural ability to heal itself. Athletes work hard to build strength, stamina, and the skills that make them the best. But that stress takes a toll physically, cognitively and even emotionally. Reiki enables the body to let go of stressors and restore balance. Athletes can also improve mental clarity and reaction time through Reiki.

Many athletes experience acute roadblocks to improvement: injury, surgery and illness. These often contribute to both physical and mental barriers to performing at top level. Reiki can help regain the prior level of performance and go beyond.

Conventional doctors, nurse practitioners and registered nurses are starting to employ Reiki and other ancient modalities as means to help their patients recover more completely and more rapidly.

Augmenting Reiki with breath work, personal coaching and mindfulness enhances its benefits. Proper breathing supplies the body with more oxygen and improves the mind/body connection and concentration. Breath work should represent an integral part of any athlete's training. Personal coaching differs from athletic coaching. The latter works on the best strategies and training methods for improvement. But personal coaching can help athletes tap into the driving passion that can truly push them towards greatness. Personal coaching retrains thinking so athletes shut out negativity and achieve more in their sport and in life.

Mindfulness help athletes focus on the moment and shut out the mental "noise" that distract from their performance. Top athletes that learn and use mindfulness find that they remain more level-headed and respond more effectively.

Want to ascend to the next level? Contact me to discuss how I can help. With my background as in psychology, life coach, Mindfulness instructor and Reiki practitioner, I can give you the tools you need to practice Reiki, optimal breathing and self-actualization. Let me help you tap into your full potential.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you improve through one-on-one sessions or group sessions.

Shawn Marie Cichowski - Energy Coach,  Dual Reiki Master, Mindfulness Trainer

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