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Mindful Life Training

Finally. A Science-Based Mindfulness Training That Changes Lives in 8 Weeks

Discover How Mindfulness Can Make Drastically Positive Shifts in Your Physical and Mental Health

Research has shown that people who are more mindful are generally happier and report less anxiety, symptoms of depression, anger, and worries. A higher degree of mindfulness is also associated with reduced stress and increased gratitude, hope, and vitality.
So if practicing mindfulness holds such powerful potential for our wellbeing, why aren’t we all doing it every day?
The reason is often that we need more guidance and support than simply downloading an app. We need to better understand the underlying processes and research behind mindfulness.
My new programs Mindful Life is designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness and experience the profound effects it can have on your life.

On-Line Mindful Life Program

MINDFUL Life is a science-based, on-line program aims at learning to use mindfulness so as to increase well-being and become more resilient. This program address common habits we can fall into of "over-thinking". You will learn how to use mindfulness to disengage from "over-thinking, break automatism and learn to connect with your natural inner stability and resourcefulness, so you can mange life's challenges more easily and deepen gratitude for your life experiences.

Mindful Life is an online program that delivers various mindfulness engagement activities to you weekly. Cultivate your mindfulness practice with MINDFUL LIFE! You will have a mindfulness coach assigned to you. Your coach will receive your response, and will be accessible via chat for the duration of your program.  

Program Topic Focus:

- Cultivating Mindfulness

- Stress Management

- Attention & Now

-Self Care & Self Compassion

6 Weeks $125

Mindful Life Training Certification

MINDFUL LIFE TRAINER CERTIFICATION is a science-based, self-paced mindfulness training program. 

Program consists of 8 interactive on-line lessons, optional live on-line workshops, workbook, guided meditations mindfulness teachings, worksheets, exercise and certificate of completion. 

You will learn the ‘8 Pillars of Mindfulness’:

  • Attention and the Now

  • Automaticity

  • Judgment

  • Acceptance

  • Goals

  • Compassion

  • The Ego

  • Integration

You will also learn effective teaching practices, such as:

✓ How to prepare for mindfulness training so you’re calm and confident

✓ How to create an optimal learning environment for your participants

✓ How to guide meditations

✓ How to evaluate exercises and provide feedback

✓ How to deliver presentations, exercises and workshops for maximum impact


The training is based on scientific research and fully referenced. The program is based on MBSR and includes worksheets, exercises and audio downloads to utilize. MINDFUL LIFE is a complete mindfulness training program for practitioners who want to infuse their coaching, therapy, management, or teaching with mindfulness. This program is used and recommended by: Therapist, HR Managers/Specialists, Coaches, Trainers, Psychologist, Health Care Professionals, Attorneys, Facilitators and Teachers.


Also included is a Workbook, guided meditations mindfulness teachings, worksheets , exercise and certificate of completion. This training includes Drop in live coaching hour and a personal mindfulness coach available through chat. 

Certification Training

Fee $499

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