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Take a mindful walk with a professional coach/healer. Intuitively we will assist you in connecting and grounding back to self through the support of nature. Select a hiking location (see below) and Eco-therapist Shawn Marie Cichowski will create a healing experience to renew, restore and inspire you. 1-2 hours (See below for hike options)
Experience includes a mindful walk/hike plus light meal, and tea. 2.5-5 hours
Hike will be based on your intentions. We offer energy clearing, life coaching or reiki/mediation to any experience. 

Please let us know your preferred date and time for your first session. A coach will contact within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. Gift Certificates: Please include the mailing or email address that you would like us to send your certificate.

Eco-therapy Half Day Renewal

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