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Coaching Association Membership


Membership Fees & Benefits:

Includes Bio Photo, Website page and email button. Access to Coaching tools and invite for coaching programs.


PODCAST/SHOW PRODUCTION: Membership included production of one (international) podcast that will also be promoted on all of WNY Life Coaching Social Media Platforms. Format can be an interview or design to your content desire. Membership includes a special COUPON CODE to receive 20% off all our WNY Life Products.

Available SPACE RENTAL : Would you like to rent a professional space to offer Coaching by the hour? We offer a low hourly rate. Subject to availabilty.

Associate Coupon Code : Earn income by promoting Healing Arts Products. Associate Coupon Codes are created with a special discount rate so you can promote our products/code and receive compensation for each item purchased. ex. Coupon Code: COACH will be assign to you. This code will track your sales. Each code has a special Rate discount of 20% off services/products. This discount applies  a 10% discount to your client and a compensation of 10% to you.

Product Site: wnylifeproducts.com.

Enhancement Coaching Webinars : Receive special invitations to mastermind coaching webinars. This webinars are design to enhance and elevate your practice. Offering  best practice tips, resources, support and opportunities to elevate your personal energy and practice.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: $135.00 Annually

Upon purchase you will receive an instructional email.

Please include your email address & Contact number. We will email within 24 hours to confirm your membership and instructions on how to crate your webpage.

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