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Why is it that the day after our 30th birthday, somehow the word "cellulite" becomes part of our normal conversations?
  It appears out of nowhere and takes over. Aerobic classes, treadmill and even time on that contraption the gym owner claims is a "Stair Climber" doesn't seem to help. I don't know but I've climbed well over a million steps to no avail!
  Research says that poor circulation is a large culprit in our cellulite battle.
  Well we haven't exactly found a cure, but we have found the perfect spa/bath accessory to help get the circulation going and stimulate the skin to allow for new cell growth.
  Natural Boar bristles on one side and massage nubs on the other side together help lessen the appearance of cellulite and create great soap lather.
  Simply rub in a circular motion daily to increase cellular and skin circulation helpful in cellulite prone areas.
  Massage nubs also comfort tired, tense muscles after that exhausting kickboxing class!

Cellulite Brush

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