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Week 3 - Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

4. Perception: Shifting Yours So You’re Ready for Change

Most of us have limiting perceptions about ourselves that create doubt about the possibilities. Once you understand you are not your personality, and you are not your body (you have both, of course) – but you are a spiritual being having a human experience; then you can see the truth emerge and begin moving toward your dream. What’s the truth? The truth is you have absolutely unlimited creative capacities. You limit them with your own thinking and your own understanding, but once you can change your thinking, you hold the power to create whatever you want to.

5. Laying Claim to Your Sense of Deserving

Once you’ve come to see yourself as the architect of your own life, rather than as the victim of circumstance, then you can begin to build your dream – one that requires your passion, your persistence, and a belief in yourself that you are really worthy of having this dream come true. It is now time to amplify your sense of feeling deserving because that amplifies and opens you up to the magnetic field that invokes the law of attraction to circumstances, situations, support – they come in by your sense of deserving to help you attract what you need to bring forth your dream.

HOMEWORK: Listen to CD 4 & 5 and complete workbook pages for CD 4 & CD 5 program.

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