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Clean Your Way to Better Mental Health

By: Contributing Writer of WNY Life Coaching Center:

Alice Robertson

Housework can seem like an endless circle sometimes, since we need to repeat the same chores on a routine basis. However, keeping your home clean offers big physical and mental health benefits. Here is important information to encourage you the next time your household duties are pressing.

Unclutter your home. Does being home put you at ease or on edge? According to some studies, a house full of cluttercould be linked to feelings of stress and being tired all the time. Being surrounded by a mess can lead to a lack of productivity and general unhappiness. When our homes are disorganized, we tend to be less sociable and more inclined to argue with our partners. Instead of living with the mental strain of clutter, take time to organize your household and reduce your belongings. If you have items you don't need to keep in your house but you aren't yet ready to part with them, consider putting those things in a storage unit until you can decide whether to keep them, sell them, or donate them. To give you an idea of the costs, the overall average price of a self-storage unit booked in Williamsville, New York over the past 180 days is $88.50.

Guard against health issues. Could your home be making you sick? A well-maintained house provides a healthier living environment, while a home which is let go in certain respects can have underlying factors leading to wellness concerns. If your home has issues with mold, radon, or carbon monoxide, it could be making you sick. Stay alert to any water damage, moisture, mildew, or molds, as well as pests and problems with your HVAC system. As soon as you discover any concerns, be sure to resolve them before the situation worsens. You should also test your home for radon gas to find out if you need a mitigation system installed because exposure to radon can cause lung cancer. It’s an easy, inexpensive test. And remember your home’s HVAC system is circulating air for the entire home, so maintain it properly and change the air filters regularly.

Deep cleaning and touching up. Ridding your home of allergens is a key to reducing certain health issues such as allergies and asthma. Lurking unseen in your carpet, upholstery, and curtains could be pet dander, dust mites, and cockroach droppings, all of which can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Dust and vacuum regularly, wash bedding weekly, and groom your pet routinely to reduce dander. To get your home really clean, consider hiring a professional. The cost of a deep cleaning can range from $200 - $400. Also take steps toward cleaner air in your home by getting away from using air fresheners and harsh cleansers. Instead, use an essential oil diffuser in a scent like tea tree oil, which offers naturally antibacterial properties. Adding a few houseplants can also help keep your home’s air clean.

Start every day out right. Organization and tidiness help to ensure your home feels like your personal haven. Real Simple points out when you keep your home clean, you feel better and are able to function more efficiently. Have a spot for everything and return items to their places after use. By staying organized, when issues pop up you are ready to tackle them, rather than searching for the right tools for the job. Also plan to begin your mornings on a positive note to set the tone for the day. Take time to make your bed each morning and open your curtains to let in some sunshine. At the end of the day, clear the dishes from your sink so you don’t begin the next day with a mess. A fresh, clean start to your morning can make all the difference in your outlook.

Are you ready to do some cleaning? The burden of doing housework is lighter when you remember all the great benefits you can reap. Do some cleaning and decluttering so your home is a haven for your mental and physical health.

Alice Robertson is a contributing writer for WNY Life Coaching Center. For information and tips on hoe to keep your home and family health please visit: tidy


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