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Week 1 - Defining Your Dream

1. DreamBuilding’s Underlying Principle: What Is Within You Is Greater Than Anything Outside of You

When you are in harmony with your soul’s purpose, when you are in harmony with what you are here to be and do, things get easier. This is the most passionate, wondrous way to live life. During this module, we will discuss how to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, to do, to create or to give – without the limitations of time, education and money.

2. Building Your Dream: Defining What You Really Want

The vast majority of people cannot answer the question, “What is your dream?” Can you? People tend to think about what is possible based on what they have right now — their current circumstances. They can’t see a different future. With The DreamBuilder, you will learn how to reorient your thinking so that you can really explore possibilities – and set your sights on what you really want.


Listen to Cd 1 & Cd 2 and complete workbook pages for Cd 1 & Cd 2 program.

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