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Computer and wireless devices create unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can disrupt your natural vibration. Keeping a Reiki Charged Crystal USB Salt lamp near your computer can help counter this background radiation naturally, (EMF).
LIFESALT™ combines earth's pure himlayan salt with universal reiki energy. This synergy creates a high vibrational frequency that enhances healing, relaxation and well-being. Each salt piece is charged by a certified USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master.
Our minature USB white Salt Lamp make a perfect gift for a traveler, student, and perfect for a corporate/business gift. It is sized well for a small office, cubicle or dorm room.
All our salt lights are crafted by hand and represent the highest standard in international fair trade agreements.
Each mini lamp comes with a (natural) LED bulb that lasts for 10,000 plus hours. Repleacement LED cords are sold separately when needed.
Colors available: Amber & White
Shapes: Natural, Globe & Cube
Weight: 1 lbs
Height: 3"
Includes: Certificate of Authencity

USB White Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Fair trade, Reiki Charged

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