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Collaborative Coach Associate

Jennifer Gawronski: TLS Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer & Weight Management Coach

As a plant based wellness coach, Jennifer Gawronski will teach you the basics of how to stop poisoning your body, how to properly cleanse and detoxify it. She coaches others to revitalize and regenerate the body and to provide it with its essential needs. Jennifer coaches the HEALTH WITHIN REACH - a 12 week weight management program. This program will focus on several outcomes, empowering others to feel confident and help others set new standards for their health. She coaches others in conditioning their mind and emotions for optimal joy, happiness, success and fulfillment. Jennifer provides others with the tools and daily practices to ensure continuous improvement in their future endeavors.

Jennifer has been in the health and wellness industry for 10 years; which includes being a personal trainer for Bally's, and Gold's Gym. Jennifer has implemented this customized wellness program in several doctor's offices with success from a personal and medical standpoint. On a personal note, Jennifer has run a marathon, a tough mudder race, and has been a figure competitor.

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