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Mindfulness: Body Scan

The body scan is a foundational meditation practice use in Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. It is a powerful tool for developing both concentration and flexibility of attention. The intention of this practice is simply about learning to pay attention to experience, whatever it may be.  

 In Westerns society we focus largely on the appearance of our body rather than experiencing our bodies. When we place our attention into actually experiencing our body we can refuse to get caught up in the overlay of judgmental thinking about it, our whole view of it and of overlay of judgmental thinking about it, our whole view of it and of ourself can change dramatically.  



The practice of paying attention to physical experience can be especially beneficial, because of reactivity, urges, cravings and triggers often manifest physically before the subsequent chain of thoughts or reactions. When we are in automatic pilot mode, we tend to lose contact with immediate physical experience. By practicing returning to the body and grounding in the present moment can be a first step in shifting from habitual, reactive behavior. Therefore you begin to respond in a manner that will be in your best interest.


Through the body scan you can begin to work with pain. When discomfort surfaces, let your attention go to the area of pain. Don't scan rather breath in and out from the pain. The body scan can be thought of in one way as an active purification of the body. Purification or Detox, a process that is promoting healing by restoring a feeling of wholeness to your body.  


Most addictive behaviors are a result of acting upon cravings and urges automatically without awareness. The body scan is a practice on learning to experience triggers, cravings and thoughts off using without automatically reacting. The body can is a meditation to practice bringing attention to the body

THE BODY SCAN MEDITATIONwith Shawn Marie Cichowski

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