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WNY Life Coaching Associate

August Schilz


Transforming Your Dream Into Reality

Dream Builder Coach, August Schilz will help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your soul's purpose. August's multi-faceted experience allows him to help people create and live the life they would LOVE to live!

Being an artist, August understands the creative mind and quickly helps you identify areas of your life that will become the stepping stones to the life you long for. Through a proven program that has been decades in development, he will start you on a journey of discovering dreams and possibilities to create the person and level of success that has always been inside you.

August has a special gift that allows him to quickly connect with and guide you through the process of moving into your dream life. He is extremely excited to offer the "Dreambuilder Course" as part of his coaching. Through his own studies of the program and connections with mentors and coaches in his own life, he is well equipped to help you in the four key areas of your life: 1) time/money freedom 2.) health 3.) relationships and 4.) Your career/soul's creative expression.

Additionally, August has spent 3- plus years in Customer Service in various capacities and understands that there is a solution for every problem that arises in our lives. Therefore, transformation and empowerment are two of his major focus areas. August hosts COACHING CONVERSATIONS on Blog Talk Radio.

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