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Most American furniture encourages a posture of collapse (slump-ing) whichis determental to health. Zafus- traditioanl Asian floor seats- provide a different approach called "Natural Sitting". The Zafu raises the hips higher than the knees, which makes sitting without a chair back easy. With practice this sitting postion can become just as natural as the American posture of "collapse".  
This way of siting is more effective in promoting an overall senseof clarity, alertness, and wakefulness-thus enhancing meditation.
Zafu: 13" x 6"
Colors: Organic Fabric
Indigo, Cinnamon, Lavendar, Moss, Pecan
Actual fabric colors may vary slightly from online colors due to variations in screen color settings.
  Fabric for zafus & zabutons, are ORGANICALLY grown cotton with low-(enviromental) impact dyes.
  Our products are top-of-the-line. We build them with expert craftsmanship out of durable and comfortable fabrics and stuffings. Sitting cushions are double stitched. 
    Buckwheat Hulls 
  We stuff our cushions with environmentally friendly  buckwheat that are grown without herbicides and pesticides because these crops are not bothered by pests. Buckwheat is able to grow in poor soil without a problem. 
  Our chemical-free buckwheat hulls are grown in the northern US and Canada. There are two main milling processes which produce very different hulls. With the ROASTING process, dust is burned off instead of using water, and makes a clean, sturdy hull that smells like, well, roasted buckwheat. The other buckwheat milling process is to mill the hull WITHOUT ROASTING it first. This produces an inferior hull which requires washing to remove dust. The ROASTING method, in our experience, produces a better, longer lasting hull. However, there are no ROASTED hulls which are certified organic. We have choosen the ROASTED hulls because we feel the certification process is minor in this case, since all buckwheat is grown totally without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. One of the few sustainable rainforest crops, it comes from the seed pod of the majestic kapok tree. Kapok, an ancient treasure, has for centuries, represented a prized possession and historically used by gurus, saints and spiritual masters who marveled at its unique characteristics such as its ability to shape to the body with rebounding instantly to its original fluffy shape.

Organic Zafu Meditation Cushions Buckwheat Filled

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