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To keep your dogs skin and coat in excellent health, a good natural and effective dog shampoo is vital. Pets, made in Chicago, is formulated with natural, hydrating and conditioning ingredients such as Wheat germ, aloe vera, 84 mineral rich Himalayan salt and SLS free coconut derived surfactants. There is no preservatives, parabens, SLS, or waxes used. 100% Vegan and Cruelty free.
  Our shampoo will clean, deodorize, promote healing, and help skin conditioners or just keep your dogs coat healthy, shiny and clean.
  As a dog lover, you want your loyal friend to feel and look good. Your dog's skin and coat perform many functions essential to its health. A healthy coat and skin provides warmth, maintains body temperature, and protects against parasites. Your dog's skin and coat require special care to stay healthy.
  Skin and coat problems are very common among dogs. Conditions include: abscesses, odors, eczema, dermatitis, dander, hair loss and seborrhea. Commercial pet shampoos contain artificial additives that can dry your dogs skin. They consist of harsh chemicals and irritants that can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction.
  Available in 3 sizes now, our 2 oz is perfect for very small dogs or as a travel/sample. If you are a groomer or have many dogs, our gallon size is the perfect cost savings way to go

Natural Dog Shampoo with Himalayan Salt

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