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Chakra Meditation

The Seventh Chakra ~ The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is represented by a beautiful lotus flower that lives on the top of the head, connecting us to the infinite.  It is here that our deepest longing resides. 

This Crown Chakra ritual is called PADMA MUDRA.  Padma is the Sanskrit word for "lotus".  Lotus is the beloved flower of the chakra system. The lotus flower, while deeply rooted in the muddy water, grows out of the darkness and rises up, and flowers open into light.  This practice helps to navigate our own murky waters and to rise up out of our darkness and unfurl into radiance of our own light.  


Ritual Instructions:

1.  Find a comfortable seat. Perhaps looking out a window, in front of a candle or an object you find sacred or meaningful.  You may also choose to do this practice standing, Ground Down into your pelvis and rise up tall through your spine.

2.  Supercharge your hands. ( Place palms of your hands together and start to Rub them vigorously. Rub until them become hot.

3.  Place your palms into prayer mudra at your heart.

4.  Take 3 deep NOURISHING breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

5.  Keep the heel of your hand, thumb and pinky fingers sealed together and you allow your palms to open and the other six fingers to gently blossom like the petals of the lotus flower. (See picture above).

6.  Soften your gaze and settle it down into then flower and you've made with your hands.  

7.  Take 5 slow, deep breaths.

8.  Feel your roots firmly planted and your crown reaching up to the heavens and lift the entire shape overhead. Imagine the 1008 petals of your lotus flower unfurling as you drink in the rays of the divine light.

9.  Take at least 5 more slow, deep breaths. Drink in this light, until it is overflowing and pouring down the crown of the head, seeping further into the stalk of the lotus flower, traveling down your body and chakra system.

10. When you feel complete, release the Mudra by separating your hands and opening your arms wide. Spin the palms down and slowly lower the hands down to rest on your knees. 

~Chakra Rituals, Cristi Christensen

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