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Dry Bathing- Energy Sweeping

Dry Bathing, also known as Kenyoku is an energy psychology technique for cleansing one's energy. It can be used anytime one feels the need to release negative energy. It helps you disconnect ones energy from others as well as strengthen your own energy. Dry Bathing is a powerful micro break to help restore energy and can be applied when transitioning from one task /activity to another.

Dry Bathing is a cleansing technique where you use your hands in a sweeping motion to smooth, energize or re-distribute excess (Ki) energy throughout your body. Sweeping can be done while standing, sitting or laying down.

Benefits of Dry Bathing:

Cleanses and strengthens, plus facilitates the healing process by:

Removing congested (excess) or diseased Ki energy by cleansing and unclogging meridians (energy channels), thus allowing fresh (Ki) energy to flow to the affected area to facilitate the healing process

• Expelling toxins, wastes, germs and dirty energy by disentangling and strengthening the body’s health rays

• Directing (Ki) energy to help weaker areas

• Sealing holes or tears in the aura to prevent (Ki) energy leaks

Hand Positions for Dry Bathing - These hand positions may be used alternately.

  • Cupped hand - more effective when removing diseased energy

  • Spread-finger - more effective for combing and disentangling the body’s health rays

Personal PowerTechnique:

1. Set an intention (ex. focus on renewing your energy, removing energy or negativity from a co-worker)

2. Place your right hand on your left shoulder.

3. Stroke down your chest, across your stomach and end at the right hip

4. Do the Same on the other side

5. Extend your left arm.

6. Place your right hand on your left shoulder

7. Stroke down your arm all the way to the hand and fingertips. Then fling your right hand out into the air as though you were throwing away any negative energy.

8. Do the same with the right arm.


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