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Emotional Energy Behind Our Actions

Emotional Energy

Emotions serve as our energy source. Our actions, thinking and behaviors are directed by our emotions. To become happy, fulfilled and peaceful, we need to become aware of the emotional energy behind our actions, and understand the world around us for what it actually is and with gratitude.


All emotions surface from two basic human emotions -LOVE & FEAR. By evaluating any action whether it ultimatley comes from love or fear is a very profound way to managing ourselves and managing our minds.

LOVE: When we act from love, in alignment with our values, life begins to flow with grace. The flow is expansive, not losing any rhythm to shame, desire, ego, and defensiveness. Acting from love connects us to others, allowing us to live true to ourselves.

FEAR: Fear is as powerful as love. Fear is the core vibrational frequency of stress. Our fight/flight or freeze response is triggered by fear and may cause responses in our body and thinking. Fear triggers stress hormones in our body that can make our heart pound, blood pressure rise, muscles to tense and create dysfunction in our energy system. This interconnection is commonly referred as the MIND BODY Connection. 

Healthy Energy Balance

Fear and stress is part of the human experience. It would be unrealistic to think it can be totally erased from our lives. Ultimately, one can strive for an improve ratio of love to fear in life. This approach allows love to take front stage in our minds and fear to be in the background.


BE A STUDENT OF YOURSELF: Become friends with emotions. Allow them to be your teacher. Intend to become conscious of the emotional energy behind your/ others actions. Without judgment, ask yourself if a given action ultimately come from a place of love or fear. Observe. Witness. Be curious and open minded. Observe the emotion that motivates the action and monitor your impulses (tendency to react).

DAILY MINDFULNESS PRACTICE. Simply take in the world for what it is, feel it with your senses. PAUSE and listen to the sounds of nature, listen to the tone of your child's voice, savor the warm water of your shower. Close each day by reflecting on these moments.

"Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sureis what is right here right now. Don't miss it. - Leo Buscaglia

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