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Mindful Detachement


Practice: Cloud Watching

This simple exercise will help you develop the ability to let go of troublesome thoughts, memories, emotions and sensations.

It requires 5-10 minutes of your full attention. Find a quiet location that is distraction free. Sit or lie down comfortably. *


We recommend that you try the exercise at least a few times while lying on the grass with the real clouds above you.

Imagine that you're looking up at the sky and see a variety of clouds floating across your field of vision. The clouds vary in size and shape. Notice that each cloud is unique. As you become aware of a surfacing thought, place that thought gently on a cloud and let it float along in the sky with the other clouds. As you come across an emotions or feeling, do the same thing by placing it on a cloud. When a memory comes up, put it on a cloud. If you notice a sensation in your body, put it on a cloud. Continue doing this for the remainder of the session. You may even notice that your mind is being harsh to you, thoughts like "I can't do this. Any judgement from your mind, just place it on a cloud and bring your self back to the practice.  

In this Moment;Strosahl, Robinson

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