Power from Within

Stress Relief Therapy Package

Unburden and renew your energy with a Meditative Reiki Relaxation Session.  Enjoy a deep relaxation therapy session and receive a personalized self care routine to maintain calm in your daily living. 

1.5 Hour Stress Reduction Therapy Session Includes:
  • 60 min reiki session
  • 10 min guided meditation
  • Therapeutic Tapping Sequence specifically for your target issue/concern
  • Personalized  essential oil blend 
  • Movement Routine & Breathing Sequence
  • Daily Affirmation & Centering Stone
Transform your Life & Energy with our Stress Relief Therapy Package. Experience deep relaxation and also receive a personal self care plan for home therapy. We design a calming routine to create harmony of the mind, body and heart.
Stress Relief Therapy Session 1.5 hours  
$155 per Package

Intensive Stress Relief Coaching Program
WNY Life Coaching Center offers a 4 week stress management program. This program is designed to help clients identify stressors/anxiety and provide methods to assist you to respond rather than react to daily stress and pressure. Our program intends to foster inner well being by applying a mindfulness base caoching approach to assist cleint's in managing the daily challenges and hassles of everyday living.  

Program Includes:
  • Assess current stressors (both internal and external)
  • Highlight how the body responds to stress
  • Identify the relationship between stress and chronic diseases. discover how your body is reacting to stress
  • Identify and highlight various stress management techniques
    • Assist in creating an individualized stress management plan
    • Allow participants to explore various stress management techniques
    • Develop Resiliency and understand how negative thining impacts stress
    • Practice Energy Movement to release energetic disturbances or blocks created by stress
    • Learn breathing techniques and ways to center oneself during flare ups
    • Discuss sleeping habits and undercover lifestyle habits that may be causing undue stress
    • Experience a deep relxation session and or learn how to create space for mindful living
    • Movement Routine & Breathing Sequence
    • Tapping Sequence to Unburden Issues/Concerns

Receive 3- 1 hour Coaching Sessions & 1- 1 Hour Deep Relxation Experience and/or Unburdening Energy Psychology Session
$375.00 Per Package

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