Power from Within

WNY Life Coaching Center Regional Reiki Membership Association

Our Memebership Association allows for an effective way to promote your Reiki services.  WNY Life Coaching Center promotes services through local Magazine Publishers, Community Education Programs and associate website services.  WNY Life Coaching actively shares and promotes holistic services to our community and welcomes you to join our synergy.  

Membership Fees:

Standard Listing: $35.00/Year. Includes Bio Photo, Short Bio and links to your social media pages.  (Free for students of WNY Life Coaching).

To Join :

Full Membership: $65/Year. Includes Bio Photo, Short Bio, links to your social media pages and a full website page designed specifically for you. You will be able to utilize the WNY Reiki Logo. In addition you will receive a COUPON CODE to receive 20% off all our WNY Life Products.  You will also be consider part of our Western New York energy team and will receive invites to local events. (1/2 price for students of WNY Life Coaching Center).

Available SPACE RENTAL:  Woud you like to rent a professional space to offer Reiki by the hour? We offer a low hourly rate. Subject to availabilty.

Associate Coupon Code: Earn income by promoting Healing Arts Products.  Associate Coupon Codes are created with a special discount rate so you can promote our products/code and recieve compensation for each item purchased.  ex.  Coupon Code: REIKI will be assign to you. Rate would be 10% discount to your client and a compensation of 10% will be offered to you.  

Product Site: wnylifeproducts.com