Power from Within

People Pleasers/Codependency Personal Bill of Rights

1.   I have choices beyond mere survival.

2.  I have the right to say NO.

3.  I do not have to be motivated by fear.

4.  I do not have to be perfect.

5.  I don't have to smile when I feel like crying.

6.  I have the right to make mistakes.

7.  I have a right to change and grow.

8.  It's okay for me to be playful, relaxed, and frivolous. 

9.  I can feel angry with someone I love.

10.  I have the right to end conversations with people who make me feel diminished and uncomfortable. 

11.  I don't have to feel guilty. 

12.  I can take care of myself and ask for help when I need it.

13.  I don't have to be all things to all people. 

14.  I have a right to feel all of my feelings and expect honesty from others.

15.  I have a right to take care of myself, no matter what the circumstance I may be in.