Power from Within

The Dream Builder Program

The Dream Builder is a program designed for spiritually minded professionals who are ready to define what they want in life and dissolve fear, doubt and worry to achieve it. It’s a program that will help you pursue your dream apart from giving you all the joy and confidence you have always wanted. It is a 90-Day PROVEN process to transform your life and jump start the results you have long for all this time. In a nutshell, it gives you the chance to live the life you want and also make the difference in the world.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’re dissatisfied with your life, but you don’t know what you’d change or how.

  • You’re not stepping out to do what you want to do for whatever reason (guilt, worry, fear, just plain negative thinking) – AND you desperately want to rid yourself of those obstacles and move forward with confidence.

  • You’re frustrated with yourself because you don’t seem to be moving forward with your dream. Maybe you’ve been successful in other areas of your life, which makes you even more upset with yourself for being stuck - what’s wrong with you that you can’t be successful in something you REALLY want? 

  • You constantly feel unsettled because you don’t know which step to take next to really move in the direction of your dream. 

I’ve got GREAT news for you —
You Are In The Right Place, Right Now!

The best part: I offer a simple, proven system for unlocking the Invisible Side of Success in your life.

It’s not your fault you still struggle to realize your BIG DREAM – or that you still aren’t sure exactly what that is, or that you know what it is and still haven’t achieved it. In fact, this is where we all start out.

We all start at the same point, wondering what our dream is, and then taking our first steps toward creating that life; then being met with roadblocks and challenges.

The main difference between those who reach their dream and those who don’t is the ones who reach their dream are willing to accept support and guidance to help them along the way.

DreamBuilder is your support system- Your Belief Partner


What You Will Discover


Dream-Building Principle #1

What is Within You is Greater Than Anything in Your Surroundings

Week #2

Building Your Dream:

Defining What You Really Want

Week 3:
Discovering Whether Your Dream Is Right For You
Is Your Dream Truly Worthy Of You?

Week 4:

The Power of Perception
Aligning Your Thoughts With Your Dreams

Week 5:
Increasing Worthiness
Laying Claim to Your Sense of Deserving

Week 6:
Environment Empowerment
Creating the Integrity of Your Field So Your Dream Can Grow

Week 7:
Getting Across The Gap
The Secret To Overcoming Obstacles

Week 8:
The Flow
Attracting The Resources You Need To Build Your Heart’s Dream

Week 9:
Expansion Through Forgiveness
Clearing The Past To Receive Your Dream

Week 10:
Your Inner Genius
Accessing The Land Of Solutions

Week 11:
Overcoming Failure
Transforming Breakdowns into Breakthroughs

Week 12:
Sustaining Success
Anchoring Your Dream For Increasing Results

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