Power from Within


In this class you will learn:

  • Explanation of the ICRT definition of Soul and Spirit, the three Heavens and letting go of guides
  • Explanation of the unique way that Holy Fire II Experiences, Placements and Ignitions are done
  • Healing in the River of Life Experience
  • Demonstrate using crystals and stones with Reiki, Reiki Grids and Distant Healing
  • Pre-Ignition
  • Usui Master symbol- meaning and use
  • Advance Reiki Placement
  • Practicing using Tsui Master symbol in sessions

  • Open of Holy Love Experience
  • What is Holy Fire, history concepts
  • Holy Fire Symbols-Attributes, benefits and usage
  • Holy Fire II Reiki and spiritual guidance
  • Explanation Master Practitioner and Master Teacher Levels
  • Holy Fire Ignition I
  • Practice Reiki using Holy Fire with partner
  • Holy Fire Healing Experience
  • ICRT philosophy and purpose

  • Holy Fire Ignition II
  • Values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master
  • Healing Fire Ignition
  • Holy Fire Meditation
  • Spirit Release process
  • Moving Meditation
  • Experiences, Placements and ignitions - go over outlines, explanation of how to do them
  • How to receive ignitions by yourself
  • Discuss teaching - go over class outlines
  • Discuss developing a reiki practice
  • Explain the Reiki Membership Association (RMA) value and code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Class Evaluations
  • Certificates

All classes are a combination of lecture, group discussion and hands on practice. 

3 days- $950 - Includes Manual. Prerequisites:  Reiki I & II for a minimum  of  6 months. (Payment Plans available)

Upcoming Class: 
November 18-20th @ 9:00 am- 3pm - WNY Life Coaching Center 
June 1-3rd @ 9am-3pm - WNY Life Coaching Center
Please call to Reserve Your Spot