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Yin Yang Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


Our hand-crafted Reiki Charged Yin Yang Himalayan LIFE SALT™ Candle Holders are some of our most unique pieces.

Both Himalayan salt candle holders are absolutely lovely—one a brilliant white, and the other a lovely shade of pink. These stunning accents to any home décor also provide the healing benefits found in any of LIFESALT™ salt lights. Feel the refreshing effects of the negative ions that are released, while you beautify your living space or office. Customers report increased focus, a boost to their immune system, and breathing easier, leading to a deeper more restful sleep.


As with all our salt products, these candle holders are carved from a 250 million-year-old majestic seabed nestled at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Our skilled artisans thrive from every purchase because all LIFESALT™ products represent the highest standards in international fair trade agreements.


**Come individually boxed. We recommend using it with a non toxic tealights for best effects.


Diameter: 6"


One Pink, One White

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