Power from Within

Extra Large Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp Fair Trade 30-40lbs


Bring nature into indoors in a big way with these artisan hand-crafted, dramatic display pieces that enrich our air and nurture our bodies with the healthy ions of an ocean breeze, soothe our soul with their blissful radiance and neutralize EMFs from electrical devices.


Ideal for window or floor displays, in entryways, reception areas and larger rooms.


Each  Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is hand-chiseled to preserve its primordial energy and maximize its therapeutic benefits, and is cradled on a beautiful, Zen-inspired wooden base and comes complete with a UL tested Dimmer cord, 15 watt bulb, gift box and care instructions. Fully backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


Weight: 30-40lbs +, Height: up to 17” Ion radius: Approx: 16'


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