Power from Within

Himalayan Salt Lamp Large 9-13lbs Fair Trade


All organic matter resonates at a certain frequency. Their natural resonance frequency makes our large-size Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps ideal for neutralizing EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in your workspace while filling your room with healthy, ion-charged air.


Try one or more in your office, kitchen, reception area or any mid-size bedroom . Our Lamps are a simple, natural way to enhance wellness.


Hand-chiseled to preserve its primordial energy and maximize its therapeutic benefits, and is cradled on a beautiful, Zen-inspired wooden base and comes complete with a UL tested Dimmer cord, 15 watt bulb, gift box and care instructions. Fully backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


Weight: 9-13lbs, Height: up to 10”, Ion radius: Approx: 8’

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