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Salt Foot Bed with Himalayan Coarse Salt

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Therapeutics Salt Foot Bed with Himalayan Coarse Salt


The soles of our feet contain more nerve endings per centimeter than anywhere else on our body. Salons and health spas use ionizing foot therapy to detoxify promote balance and renew body and spirit “from the bottom up.” Our rejuvenating Foot Spa soothes away stress without the “spa” expense in the privacy of your home, office or reception area. Extremely beautiful, each is handcrafted locally by a family wood crafting business from non toxic, sustainable Hickory wood using no glues or chemicals. The foot bed is fashioned into a sacred octagon, considered to be a powerful and purifying form in sacred geometry and Feng Shui.




Simply fill the foot bed with the 10 lb. Bag of coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt provided, sit in a comfortable chair or if using in your sauna, and place your feet either barefoot or with socks directly on the salt and relax. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the highest mineral content of any salt with up to 84 trace minerals and elements, and is renowned for its healing properties. The gentle pressure of these coarse crystals also stimulates foot reflexology points.


For added salt therapy, the Himalayan salt can be heated in the oven for 5-15 minutes prior to using. (Note: for more intense heat therapy, try using our salt tiles (sold separately)


It’s Portable Salt Therapy…


Our highly effective Foot bed is portable. It comes with an elegant silk carrying bag made locally by hand for use in your home, spa or office.


Great for Saunas…


Sauna owners will love its Salt Sauna benefits: negative ions for a fresh, bacteria-free environment… respiratory, allergy and skin condition relief, and stress that simply melts away. Easy to use while in your sauna.


$199.95 includes 10lbs Coarse Himalayan Salt , Silk Drawstring Bag


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