Power from Within

March Classes and Events

Open Life Coaching 

No appointment needed. Come and meet our coaches and learn about life coaching.  Have a specific issue you would like guidance on? Stop in and be coached. OPEN COACHING TO FOLLOW TOPIC DISCUSSION. Fee $15

March 26th@ 10-11am (WNY Life Coaching Center)- Emotional Self Care

NEW: Eating & Energy Psychology: Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul
w/ Sharron Hickman RN, WHE, EPC & Shawn Marie Cichowski CLC, CM-I 

You Will Learn:
-What is Nourishment?
-Do thoughts & Beliefs affect nourishment?
-How to Eat Mindfully/Intuitively
-Does Only Healthy Food Nourish us
-Body Wisdom
-Importance of Self Nourishment
-Food as symbolic substitute
-Techniques to help with self defeating emotions/behaviors.

March 8th @ 7-8:15pm 
Location: WillowLight-East Aurora
Space is limited
Fee $40
RSVP @ wnylifecoaching@gmail.com

NEW Life Coaching - Resiliency

Why do some people thrive in the face of challenge while others are struggling? The answer is resiliency. Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski shares ways to expand your perspective and thinking. You will learn the role of energy and emotions in resilience and develop strategies to building resiliency.

Fee $25

March 15th 10-11am

Location: WillowLight


Create your Own Therapeutic Body Scrub

Essential Oils were mankind's first medicine. They are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants (including their respective parts such as seeds, bark, leaves,stems, roots, flowers and fruit) During our session we introduce the wonderful benefits of essential oils and how to apply them in order to have a greater awareness of your physical, mental and spiritual needs. We will offer various techniques to help with life circumstances, health concerns and emotional needs. Our class will create a personal essential oil body scrub design specifically with the ingredients needed for your target area of concern. Come out for a night of self-care and connection. 


March 22nd @ 6:30-8pm Orchard Park High School Room 121

Mindful Meditation, Breath Work & (Optional) Reiki Fusion Class
This hour of energy restoration combines the modalities of visual meditation, mindful breath work and (optional) reiki. Each class will introduce a new practice of mindfulness as well as particular breathing technique with the intent to calm, restore and balance your mind, body and spirit. You are welcome to bring mats and blankets. 
The class is guided by Shawn Marie Cichowski.
Space is limited therefore RSVP is required. Cost $15/pp. 

Class meets every 3rd Tuesday of the Month  
March 20th @ 7-8pm - WNY Life Coaching Center

Energy Meditation and Sacred Journaling

Awaken your intuition and connect with your higher self with energy ignition meditation.  You will be guided into a deep meditative state that calls upon higher energy frequencies. Following each meditation, you will free journal. Please join us for a gentle, relaxing and enlightening experience.

March 12th @ 7-8pm (WNY Life Coaching)

$25 Fee RSVP Required


Reiki is a Japanese healing art that focuses unharnessing the body's energy through the use of  "laying on of hands".  A holistic approach to wellness, reiki is excellent for stress, anxiety, healing, pain relief, and well-being.  Learn how to confidently deliver effective USUI/Holy Fire reiki treatments. 

Level I: Includes history of reiki, energy and chakras, hand placements, and scanning.

Level II Includes reiki symbols, starting your own practice, develop your  intutive abilities and distant healing.  

All levels include course manual, certificate, and attunements/placements. Please bring a bag lunch. Prerequisite for level II: any Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I course.

REIKI I: April 21th @ 9am-3pm - WNY Life Coaching Center

Fee: $175 pp- Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot.

REIKI II: April 22th @ 9am- 3pm -WNY Life Coaching Center

Fee: $175 pp- Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot.