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Life Coaches are trained to coach and mentor you on LIFE! We will help you to create the transformations you are seeking by taking a future-orientated approach in designing your life. As with coaching or working with a personal trainer- Your Life Coach is trained to pull out the potential within you. Imagine working with your very own coach to achieve your life plans, professional goals or having someone walk through life situations together.  Coaches are experts in developing their client's strengths, talents, potential and finding possibilities. We help you to consciously respond to your life. We believe only you know what is best for yourself and we help you claim your power to find happiness and balance. Our personal and collective coaching programs are designed around what will give you optimal growth and what will be the best in getting the most from your life.  Whether it is finding your inner voice, ramping up your career, reducing stress, moving through loss, helping to build self-esteem, or getting clarity we can adjust to exactly where you are in life.  There is nothing you cannot shift. You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.  

Coaching clients seek to create permanent shifts for a higher level of living in various areas. Including but not limited to:

Personal Goals 

  • Relationships (Fulfillment, Divorce, Regaining Identity & Finding Fun)
  • Time Management
  • After College Direction
  • Teen Issues
  • Motivation 
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Reduction
  • Simplication
  • Health, Weight Loss (Self Care)
  • Life Transitioning 
  • Retirement, or New Parent Roles, loss of a loved one

Professional Goals 
  • Leadership
  • Getting a Promotion
  • Work Fulfillment
  • Starting a Business
  • Discovering Career Path
  • Family Business 
  • Clarity
  • Renewed Purpose

Coaching Services & Rates 

Life Coaching assists clients to create permanent shifts for a higher level of living.  Coaching is designed to foster optimal well-being for any/all dimensions of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Coaching assists clients to consciously choose how to respond to life, achieved goals, create visions, open new ways of thinking and/or get out of your head, find clarity, improve and care for oneself, develop self awareness, strengthen intuition and/or help manage life demands and stressors.  Clck here for our Life Coaching Services & Rates

Coaching Tips:

Coaching Programs


Life & Energy Coaching  by SHAWN MARIE CICHOWSKI

Life Coaching Reki

Life and Energy Coach, Reiki Master and Certified Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor. 

Owner of WNY Life Coaching Center

 Shawn Marie Cichowski created the WNY Life Coaching Center from her deep appreciation for humanity, relationships and the desire to make a difference.   Drawing from her business upbringing, life experiences and intuition Shawn is committed to serving others fairly and with the upmost integrity. Her coaching style is personable, authentic and natural.  Shawn uses a "toolbox" of techniques to help relate to others and assist in opening possibilities in one's life.  She will help you navigate through life demands and stressors, gain clarity and create a peaceful and balanced life.  Personal development, Inner Health  and mindfully dealing with stress and adversity is her passion. She applies a mindfulness-base approach to her coaching.

              A certified Life Transformational Coach and Dream Builder, Shawn received her training by the International Life Mastery Institute- a premier training center for transformational coaching.  She received advanced training through her experience as being a Corporate health and wellness coach.  Shawn holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from St. Bonaventure University and studied internationally at Thames Valley University in London, England. While in England she interned at Contact a Family (Ealing, London) a non-for-profit organization for children with special needs. Shawn spent over 27 years in business development and outside sales which allowed her to acquired valuable insight on business dynamics and relations.  Fostering company success within her family's medical and dental distribution business, she developed and managed executive relationships in a vast array of business sectors.  

Shawn conducts public awareness seminars, classes and hosts COACHING CONVERSATIONS on International BlogTalk Radio. She has been a regular guest speaker on 91.3FM WBNY radio and created several community programs.  Additionally, she has been a featured Life Coach on the "JOY SUTTON" television show and has been a contributing writer for Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine. 

   Shawn has a strong connection with children.  Her work with youths include motivational speaking at local high schools, mindfulness teacher for numerous Girl Scout Troops and Councils and has collaborated with the Empower Girls Buffalo program. Shawn shares the benefits of yoga through outreach programs including  KIDS YOGA FUN.  Her certification is by Radiant Child Yoga (RCY) a Yoga Alliance recognized program.

   Shawn is a reiki master certified by the International Center for Reiki.  She is a professional member of the Reiki membership association and has been accepted as a reiki research professional through the center for reiki research.  Shawn helps comfort and heal others by working with energy fields and mind easing. Additionally she offers certifications for reiki following the code of ethics and professional standards of practice set by the International Center for Reiki.  Shawn is also a certified meditation instructor.  She is accredited by the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals. Her work includes delivering on site corporate mindfulness/health awareness and meditation classes.

   Among all her training and credentials, Shawn's greatest teacher has been life itself.  Personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients, Shawn wants nothing more than to guide others to a path of wellbeing.  She is committed to helping others drawn out their inner power, importance and wisdom. She is grateful to have the ability to share in the lives of others. 


 On a personal note, Shawn played competitive and recreational sports her entire life. She was a collegiate Division 1 athlete and now is devoted to the practice of mindful living and meditation. She enjoys golfing, nature, exploring, spirituality and watching her three sons play hockey.  

"Our life which has a beginning and end can be compared to river.  A river  flows naturally in one direction such as our life.  Many times we go through life trying to swim upstream or we may get snagged between some rocks. For some there may be an avoidance of the water all together.   Perhaps you feel like you want to white water raft rather than just float.  These are all life expressions from within. As you step into your true and authentic self and claim your personal power you will discover your  life will flow with natural ease and at a currency that is just right for you. 

Regardless of where you are in life or what circumstances you may be experiencing we will discover ways to enhance, heal, empower and create the life you would love. "- Shawn Marie Cichowski 


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Coached by Shawn Marie Cichowski 

This structured 12 week coaching program is designed to bring about the changes you are seeking from within.  Week by week this program will coach you through the process of designing and creating a life beyond your current living and one you would love to live. Please follow the link to learn more: DREAM BUILDER click here


Do you have a pressing question or concern? Are you looking for clarity or perspective? "Ask a Coach" allows you to submit  your given circumstance, question or concern and recieve written  feeback/perspective from TWO different coaches.  Click here for more details.


Coaching deals mostly with a person's present and seeks to guide other's into a more desirable future. Co-creative, equal partnership in helping clients discover their own answers. Coaches see emotions as natural and normalizes them. Coaches will stand by you, help identify challenges, design your dreams and work together to manifest the desires one is seeking. In Counseling the assumption is that there is something wrong that gets in the way of a person's functioning that needs fixing. Coaches help clients reach goals through a discovery process to deepen learning. By drawing a client's wisdom out, we help them recognize it, and yield forward momentum via accountability.


Coaching is good for anyone who is motivated to better oneself or needs help in creating forward momentum in their life.  Together we can customize an ideal program scenario that will benefit your current lifestyle and will support your efforts to improve. Understanding the demands of life, coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, email messaging, Skype or if you live in the Western New York Area in person. Coaching fees may vary per Coach. Please call for details.


We are all unique and authentic. WNY Life Coaching Center understands that we all relate in our own special way. In addition to offering traditional and non traditional coaching techniques we have created a collaborative coaching network that allows you to connect with various coaches. 


Transforming Your Dream Into Reality

As a certified Dream Builder Coach, August Schilz will help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your soul's purpose.  August's multi-faceted experience allows him to help people create and live the life they would LOVE to live!

Being an artist, August understands the creative mind and quickly helps you identify areas of your life that will become the stepping stones to the life you long for.  Through a proven program that has been decades in development, he will start you on a journey of discovering dreams and possibilities to create the person and level of success that has always been inside you. 

August has a special gift that allows him to quickly connect with and guide you through the process of moving into your dream life. He is extremely excited to offer the "Dreambuilder Course" as part of his coaching. Through his own studies of the program and connections with mentors and coaches in his own life, he is well equipped to help you in the four key areas of your life: 1) time/money freedom 2.) health 3.) relationships and 4.) Your career/soul's creative expression.

  Additionally, August has spent 3- plus years in Customer Service in various capacities and understands that there is a solution for every problem that arises in our lives. Therefore, transformation and empowerment are two of his major focus areas. August hosts COACHING CONVERSATIONS on Blog Talk Radio.

Life Coaching Reki



As a plant based wellness coach, Jennifer Gawronski will teach you the basics of how to stop poisoning your body, how to properly cleanse and detoxify it. She coaches others to revitalize and regenerate the body and to provide it with its essential needs. Jennifer coaches the HEALTH WITHIN REACH - a 12 week weight management program. This program will focus on several outcomes, empowering others to feel confident and help others set new standards for their health. She coaches others in conditioning their mind and emotions for optimal joy, happiness, success and fulfillment.  Jennifer provides others with the tools and daily practices to ensure continuous improvement in their future endeavors.

Jennifer is a Certified TLS Wellness Coach, an American Fitness Institute Certified Personal Trainer and CPR certified. She has been in the health and wellness industry for 10 years; which includes being a  personal trainer for Bally's, and Gold's Gym. Jennifer has implemented this customized wellness program in several doctor's offices with success from a personal and medical standpoint. On a personal note, Jennifer has run a marathon, a tough mudder race, and has been a figure competitor.

shawn marie Cichowski & Munni Visco


Munni specializes in working with clients who are considering divorce or are in the process of divorce. Her knowledge and coaching expertise will guide clients on a path of self-discovery where they will learn that they are in control of their own happiness. Having experienced the pain and struggle associated with the dissolution of her own marriage, Munni’s compassion and empathy will give clients hope and provide them with support as they move forward. Munni also has a passion for working with children and teens which she shares with Shawn Marie Cichowski. Munni has partnered with Shawn to create workshops for children through their GET REAL program.

In addition to her certification as a life coach, Munni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, has completed her Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University College of Law and is a current member of the New York State Bar.

To learn more about Munni, visit her website at www.munnivisco.com

Life Coaching Reki
LINDA BUCHER: Master Certified Life Coach & Coach Mentor
Linda Bucher is a master certified life coach, mentor, wayfinder, author, professional speaker, gratitude advocate, and all around creative soul who helps people get from uncertain to clear, from victim to hero, and from spectator to creator of their lives. Linda holds her Master Life Coach Certification and Professional Life Coach Certification and trained under sociologist, therapist, life coach and best-selling author Dr. Martha Beck.  Linda also holds an MBA and a BS in Business Management and Information Systems. Linda's energy, creativity and spot-on intuition come through whether she's engaged in personal coaching, workshops or inspirational writing. She is author of The Confident Coach:Connecting the Work You Love to the Success You Wanto Achieve, a love letter disguised as a paperback, infused with practical guidance to help aspiring coaches on their path to success so theyfts. Linda is also a pianist, a skier,an avid reader, a beach bum and a single mother of three children lovingly adopted from Russia. To find our more about Linda visit http://www.lindabucher.com.
Her book can be purchased at http://www.LindaBucher.com/ConfidentCoach

Life Coaching Reki

PEGGY SUE DYER Transformational Coach

For over 17 years Peggy  Sue Dyer has worked with individuals and organizations, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives and businesses.

As a sought after speaker and trainer, Peggy has offered transformational workshops to organizations around the country.  Peggy has interviewed on radio shows WHRF.FM "Metaphysically Speaking", "Coaching Corner" and others. Peggy has offered Transformational workshops for various groups and organizations, Wayne State University Career Day, Mi Earth DayFest just to name a few. Peggy has shared the stage with world renowned speakers and teachers such as Matt Boggs and Mary Morrissey.

Whether it's a short 10-minute talk, a "Lunch & Learn" Training, a motivating keynote speech, or an afternoon workshop- your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this training, and they will "Thank You" for bringing Peggy Dyer to them.

Life Coaching Reki

 KEN PARKER: Native AMERICAN Plant & Horticultural Coach, Musician  

 KEN PARKER , CNLP is a passionate indigenous horticulturalist with strong ties to Mother Earth and Native cultures. Ken has spent decades of his life devoted to growing, installing, teaching and promoting indigenous plants of North America to thousands of Natives and non-Natives.

“It is my goal to restore the wisdom from our Elders as to the many uses of each plant and their relationship to the environment. The revival of this knowledge is as important as the cultivation and harvest of the plants.”

Ken literally has 'roots' in the indigenous plant market.  As a Seneca native, he is committed to preserving Native North American culture by promoting the use of Native plants from a pure perspective.  Ken has proactively participated in various environmental projects, including conservation, restoration, corporate landscaping, education, marketing and consulting throughout the United States and Canada over the past twenty plus years.


Ken’s vast knowledge of Native plants has led to the development of numerous Native American horticultural programs, workshops and lecture series, including the Mohawks of St. Regis, NY and the Iroquois of the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve in Ontario, Canada. In recent years he has presented for the Seminoles of Florida, the Pueblos of New Mexico, the Intertribal Native Nursery Council and US Forestry Department.

Ken Parker is currently the Native Plant Consultant and Project Director of the Haundenosaunee Community FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE Project, a collaboration of the Seneca Nation of Indians and the Seneca Diabetes Foundation.

Ken’s vision is to have all Native communities learn and experience the gift of health by growing their own gardens, participating in ongoing community horticultural events, learning sacred traditions directly from the Elders and fostering the cultural education of the children for seven generations.

www.nativefoodnetwork.com. He is the creator of the Food is Our Medicine - Healthy First Nations programwww.foodisourmedicine.org.   


WNY Life Coaching Center offers premier coaching designed specifically for children and young adults.  We offer personal one on coaching and program development.

Rates may vary for associate coaching. Please call for details.