Power is from Within

 Life  Coaching


This structured 12 week coaching program is designed to bring about the changes you are seeking from within.  Week by week this program will coach you through the process of designing and creating a life beyond your current living and one you would love to live. 

Our 12 week coaching process, which will take you from wherever you are now-stuck, frustrated, scared, unhappy- to confident and fulfilled as you learn exactly how to define your true dream and how to develop a concrete plan to achieving it.  In addition to the home program, a Certified DreamBuilder Coach will guide you through the process with weekly Skype/FaceTime or teleconference calls, (or if you live in The WNY area- in person).  In creating your dreams,  your coach will be your belief partner and  take the journey of transformation along with you.  

The Dream Builder Program includes:  A complete Home base program package: (16 teaching CDs, 1 meditation CD, a complete guidebook, all in a leather zippered binder,)  personal coaching sessions,  a life coach available during your program, and free attendance to WNY Life Coaching Centers classes and Meet-ups during your 12 weeks.

What you will discover:

  1. What is within you is greater than anything in your surroundings
  2. Defining what you really want
  3. Discovering whether your dream is right for you
  4. Perception shifting to prepare for change
  5. Laying your claim to your sense of deserving
  6. Maintaining Integrity so your dream can grow
  7. Turning Fear into Stepping Stones
  8. 3 Practices in order not to fall back into your old lifestyles
  9. Attracting what is required to build your heart's dream
  10. Forgiveness: Liberating you from Constriction
  11. Creating a Support System
  12. Failure: The gift of Feedback
  13. Harvesting your Dream
This home base program is flexible yet provides a structured framework that is proven to create the kind of life you have always envisioned.  This program includes working with your own personal Life Coach.  

Premier Program: Dream builder Kit plus 12 weeks of 1 hour one on one personal coaching. (Skype/Phone or in Person) $1,150

Deluxe Program: Dream builder Kit plus 6 weeks of 1 hour one on one personal coaching (Skype/Phone or in Person) $775

Enhanced Program: Dream Builder Kit plus 4- 1 hour monthly one on one coaching (Skype/Phone or In person) $550

Basic Program : Dream Builder Kit only $250  (e-versison available).

****Purchase of any program will also include free attendance to all WNY Life Coaching Classes during your 12 weeks.