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WNY Life Coaching Center empowers, encourages and educates others in achieving a higher level of personal wellness and fulfillment. Our mission is to create a place for all to collectively connect, be inspired, heal and have fun. By embracing humanity we serve others with Integrity and upmost care. Through collaboration & Teamwork we raise awareness and help others step in to the flow of life and discover possibilities.   


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PREVIEW WEEK- SEPT 25th @ 6:30pm
Do you want to change your lifestyle and be free of weight struggles? 
A TOTAL MIND, BODY and SOUL Approach to Weight Management.
Please reach out. 

WNY Life Coaching Center is starting our Premier COMPREHENSIVE & Integrative Wellness and Weight Management Coaching Program.

A 12 week program that will give you every tool needed to transform your life and body. We incorporate : Food Education, Chiropractors, Life Coaches, Personal Enhancement Specialists, Food Preparation, Fitness Classes, Breathing Techniques for stress, Fitness Trainers, Emotion Regulations, PH testing, Meal tables, Field Trips to Stores, Overcoming Fears and Obstacles, Detoxing and Heart Rate Monitoring.  We will support and coach you every step of the way so you can create the life you want. Our program has been recognized by the medical field. Please reach out for details. St Peters United Church of Christ, 1475 Orchard Park Road, West Seneca,NY 14224.

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Welcome to WNY LIFE COACHING CENTER.  Our commitment is to help others discover various paths to well being.  Offering personal coaching, movement & wellness programs, personal development Classes  and Healing Services we guide others to self discovery.  We help others to naturally live a healthy and purposeful life. 

What We Offer:

Life Coaching
 Dream Building
Personal Development Classes
Weight Management 12 Week Program
Movement Classes
Mindful Breathing Classes
Wellness & Self Care Workshops

Sports Enhancement
Comforting the Sick & Dying
Stress Reduction Methods
Group Discussions & Share Groups
Inspirational Speakers
Fun Activities

Our Services:

Life Coaching and Dream Building: Personal Coaching design to assist others to discover and create a well balanced life. By asking -What do you want to be? Your coach will become your advocate in finding that answer, implementing it and helping you design your life.  Dream Building is a coaching process of self discovery deign to create purpose and vibrant energy flow. In addition to one on one coaching we attune our programs to educate specific areas: kids, sports, corporations, schools and organizations.

Certified Radiant Yoga Teacher- Our Kids Yoga Fun & Sports Yoga is an outreach program that brings yoga to our community. Using imagination and relative themes we teach character building, empowerment, and relaxation techniques.  By relating to the kids we encourage skills to self care, focus and mindfulness.

Reiki Practitioners- This technique will quiet the mind, comfort and promote healing and open energy flow. A safe technique widely accepted by medical practitioners to comfort the sick, cancer treatment, and promote well being. Excellent aid for sleep issues and anxiety. It brings a heighten awareness to self and eases stress. Reiki is recognized by the American Cancer Society. We are available to travel to you. For more information please read the following by the  AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY; link:http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/complementaryandalternativemedicine/manualhealingandphysicaltouch/reiki

Naturalist Trainer- Teaching methods to regulate emotions and practices for self realization. Using techniques of breathing, mindful movements, meditation and mindset shifts we help others integrate self care tools for daily living. Excellent for depression and stress management.

Sports Counter Balance Training- Working with athletes on focus, mindset, energy control, imagery, team play and bonding.

Weight Management- A 12 week weight management program designed to transform your lifestyle. By relating to your eating patterns, food and fears we help you live healthier.

Moving Together Towards the Transformations You are Seeking - Working From Within


airs every  THURSDAY NIGHT @ 9pm.

Each week our coaches will discuss a new Life Topic. It is a way to keep us all connected and empowered. 

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Health Within Reach- Customized Weight Management 

Solutions.  A TLS Health Solution Program that will change your life.

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LADIES GOLF LEAGUE at Rothland Golf Coarse

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Offering the Premier Dream Builder Program 

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