Power from Within

A warm welcome to you. We are very happy that you discovered us and hope you enjoy exploring our website. Our website will help you get a feel for what we do here at WNY Life Coaching Center and how we serve our community. You will find more about myself, Shawn Marie Cichowski and the collaborative coaches, healers, businesses and like-minded folks I associate with.  We are grateful you are connecting with us and look forward to hearing from you.


WNY Life Coaching helps others to help themselves.  We guide you to heal and empower from the inside out. Our natural approach to self development honors your authenticity and uniqueness. 

Offering traditional and nontraditional techniques we coach the practice of personal importance, greatness and mindfulness. We draw out your inner best and guide to you live a well and enjoyable life. We are committed to serving others with openness, integrity and upmost care.

Coach Approach

We offer a mindfulness base, total lifestyle coaching approach to help clients understand, recognize and create optimal well-being. 

Our intent is to help clients get more from life.

We understand you are not one dimensional and may be at certain points in your life experience.  Your wellness and well-being is our mission.  We will partner with you to create a satisfying and healthful life given where you are currently and where you desire to be.


  • Energy Psychology
  • Personal Development/Growth
  • Stress Management & Energy Regulation
  • Setting Personal Boundaries
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Clarity Sessions
  • Mindset Growth
  • Lifestyle & Behavioral Shifting
  • Self Care & Personal Power
  • Dream Building
  • Youth Life Skills & Wellness Coaching
  • Spiritual/Intuitive Coaching
  • Life Enrichment Coaching Speakers
  • Stress Reduction Programs

COACHING WORLD WIDE Connect with us via FaceTime, Skype, Duo and/or your preferred Virtual Platform

  • Relaxation Sessions
  • Reiki Holy Fire II/ Usui Certification Classes
  • Intuitive Feedback Reiki Session
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Meditation & Reiki Fusion Classes
  • Healing Sessions (Reiki, Meditation & Aromatherapy)
  • Virtual Relaxation/Reiki Healing Encounters- Coming Soon
  • Reiki Membership Association
  • Reiki Resources

WNY Life Coaching Center is a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association. We follow the code of ethics and professional standards of practice set by the International Center for Reiki.

  • Meditation Classes & Sessions
  • Breath Work & Inner Energy Regulation
  • Mindful Stretching & Posture
  • Mindful Eating 
  • Youth Mindfulness Teacher
  • Coaching for Addiction & Eating Issues
  • Wellbeing Coaching 
  • Stress Management & Life Programs
  • Meditation Podcasts
  • Attachment Awareness

  • Muscle Testing  (Kinesiology)
  • Psychological/Energetic Reversals
  • Over Energy  & Under Energy Corrections
  • Tapping Therapy
  • Breath Work & Energy Medicine
  • Reiki Unburdening Clearing Sessions
WNY Life Coachign Center is a professional member of the ACEP Association for Comprehensice Energy Psychology

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps/Products
  • Essential Oils
  • Healing Arts Supplies
  • Gemstones & Energy Jewelry
  • Reiki Charged Items
  • Affliate Commission Programs

Exclusive...LIFE PRODUCTS 

Reiki Charged Himalayan Salt, Healing Arts Enhancers and Energy Jewelry

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Shawn Marie Cichowski is a professional Certified Life & Intuitive Energy Coach that specializes in Personal Power, Lifestyle Awareness, Mindfulness/Meditation, and Energy Regulation. She holds a Bachelors of Art Degree in Psychology & Sociology from St. Bonaventure University. She is certified as a Meditation trainer through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and a Reiki Master through the International Center for Reiki.  She recieved extensive training as a Corporate Health & Wellness Coach. 

"Developing a relationship with oneself is the foundation to the quality of all other relationships.   By quieting outside stress and circumstances you discover what is best for yourself and allow for your authentic expression to surface.  I  coach clients to become the expert of their own life." 

Shawn developed the WNY Life Coaching Center as a means to help others enjoy life and find well-being using various methods of processing and connecting.  Inspired by many great sports coaches, she applies a philosophy and coach's mindset to help others develop what will be best for themselves by drawing out inner wisdom and potential.  

GAME OF LIFE"- We all like to win in life, but if you ask most sports players what they enjoy the answer would be - playing the game.  It's the memorable moments and process to the finish line that can bring the greatest sense of achievement and fulfillment." -Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski